Examining the Work of Famous Photographers

Here’s an interesting post from John Enman about learning from the best…

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Good reading

I often search for what I would consider outstanding photography and I came across this article by the editors of Digital Camera World, “The 55 best photographers of all time.”


The editors begin, “We’re not afraid of courting controversy here at Digital Camera World…Over the years we’ve interviewed a number of famous photographers and have been inspired by each of them, but one thing we often hear from readers, social media followers, and others, is…. “Who are the best photographers of all time?” It’s a good question! We put on our thinking caps and took a stab it.”

I think the list provided is interesting and is a worthwhile read. It also includes Digital Camera’s 33 myths of the Professional Photographer and Famous Photographer’s tips for being the best.

Another website entitled, Picture Correct, also has a list of who they think are the top ten most famous photographers, http://www.picturecorrect.com/tips/top-10-most-famous-photographers-of-all-time/


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