Lots of Changes to BLPG Website

After a quiet period, change has once more come to the Bridge Lake Photo Group website.

The most obvious changes are in appearance:  a new Header image, a new Home page image, and a new Featured Photo.

Phinneta Lake - Eakin Creek - © Larry Citra

Phinneta Lake – Eakin Creek – © Larry Citra

The Header image is cropped detail from a photo by Larry Citra’s of Phinneta Lake on the Eakin Creek Road, reminding us of the colour that soon will be surrounding us.  The Home page image, from Anne-Marie Brown (who has just joined our Photographers Showcase – check out her image portfolio), shows the delight that a young woman feels when a calf bellies up for lunch from a bottle.  There’s lots going on in this simple photo, and many questions to be asked.  For example, for what event did she get her hands hennaed and will the decorations survive her calf ministrations?  And we have a new Featured Photo, by a photographer who has recently been revealing to us her imaginative and creative talents: Sue Wolfe.

RCMP Musical Ride - ©Glenn McBride

RCMP Musical Ride – ©Glenn McBride

We have also added new photos from many members:  as mentioned, Anne-Marie Brown; Rob Tillyer; Nigel Hemingway; Glenn McBride; Diane Hopp; Jane Murray; and, Bill Melnychuk.  While all of the additions are worthy of mention, be sure to look at Nigel Hemingway’s light painting images from Bodie, California (also photos from Death Valley).  And for a bit of pure Canadiana, how about Glenn McBride’s RCMP Musical Ride photos.  Oh, and then there is Bill Melnychuk’s curious photo of a horse and a coyote, acquaintances if not friends (as well as additional bird images).  But I forgot to mention Diane Hopp’s three beautiful shots, Jane Murray’s intricate flower photos, and Rob Tillyer’s interesting captures of not only grouse, but also bears. Did I forget anyone?

Baby Grouse - ©Rob Tillyer

Baby Grouse – ©Rob Tillyer

As I wrote above, all worth taking  a look at.

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