Now It’s Easier To Find Past Posts (and other changes)

Gull - © Diane Hopp

Gull – © Diane Hopp

We’ve made it easier to find all the posts, past and present, which have been made to the Bridge Lake Photo Group website.  Just click on the main menu item “Posts – Past and Present” and there they all are!

My prior post was about how to prepare your images to submit for inclusion on the website.  I asked for four things: image name contained the photographer’s name and desired caption (that’s two things), image type was jpg, and image size was no more than 1 MB to 2 MB (I gave two different number so just try for somewhere in the range).  Here’s some more information that will help you maintain the quality of your images for viewing on the web but get their size down into the desired range.

First, change the resolution to 72 ppi.  There is no point having a higher resolution, since monitors won’t be able to display it.  Second, change the colour profile to sRGB, again since monitors are limited in the size of their gamut, so any more is wasted.

Most importantly, if you are a Lightroom user, you can automate the whole tailoring process by setting up an Export preset, that will copy your images to a folder, changing them in the process to meet the requirements above, ready for submission.  Want to know how to make the preset?  Watch Julie-Anne Kost’s excellent video clip here.

New photos have been added from Diane Hopp, to the Light Painting Workshop Activities page and to Diane’s Photographers Showcase page.  Check them out.

Light Painting Workshop V - © Diane Hopp

Light Painting Workshop V – © Diane Hopp

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