Night Panoramas

Milky Way over Bungle Bungles - © Mike Salway

Milky Way over Bungle Bungles – © Mike Salway

Here’s an interesting site.

If you’re a night person who has seen the south Cariboo sky on a clear night after dark, from a site not polluted with electric light, you’ll be familiar with the amazing star filled overhead panorama.  Particularly if you’re somewhere with a wide vista, like a hill top or in an open field, at certain times of the year or night, you’ll be treated to the Milky Way arched overhead (at other times the nighttime earth is facing towards the outer rim of the galaxy, not the galactic center, so no Milky Way, but still interesting).

Have you ever itched to make a photograph of that night sky? Well, Mike Salway, an Australian landscape and nightscape photographer has an excellent web site in which he explains exactly how to do it.  Although he uses a Canon camera, I am sure a Nikon would work as well!  And, while a wide angle lens would be best for a panorama, you can get wonderful night photos from any lens.  A modern digital camera allows the ISO to be cranked up (at the cost of “noise” which can be subsequently removed by software) so it’s not even necessary to have a fast lens.

Know of a dark site?  If the weather looks like it’s going to be clear one night in the near future, why not give night photography a try?  You might even capture a galaxy or a nebula (hint: point towards Andromeda or, in winter, towards Orion’s belt).

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