The Photographer’s Workflow Ebook

If you are a relatively new Lightroom or Elements user like me, I am sure that you have pondered the questions: What is the best workflow I can use so that my precious photos are protected?  What steps should I follow for each photo that I want to work on?  Where should I put the final version once it is ready for printing?

400x1600 copy

Well, here’s an ebook, by Gavin Gough, an experienced freelance professional travel photographer, entitled “The Photographer’s Workflow” which lays it all out.  You can see a detailed description of the book at  It’s available for $30, and once you read through what it contains, if you are like me, you’ll be convinced that it is worth the price.  If you follow Gavin’s advice and detailed workflow, you’ll never lose a photo again, at any stage of its treatment – and that is worth a lot.

Here’s Gavin’s description of the ebook:

“The Photographer’s Workflow is a 130-page, 10-step guide to establishing a reliable and consistent digital photography workflow.

Chapters include Data Management and Data Risk Analysis, Working in the Field, Colour Calibration, Naming files and Folders, Configuring Adobe Lightroom (versions 4 or 5), Importing Images, Image Processing and more.

Also included with the eBook downloaded are:

  • 65 Lightroom Development Presets to help give your processing a more consistent linear structure (for Lightroom 4 or 5)
  • A series of Lightroom Smart Collections which build a step-by-step workflow for managing digital photographs
  • Links to a series of free, online video tutorials”

While the ebook is aimed at Lightroom, most of the content is easily transferable to Elements Organizer and Elements Editor.

The page linked  above also contains a Vimeo clip, 18 minutes long, in which Gavin covers the ebook contents, and then demonstrates his workflow, step by step, using images he took that very day.  By the end of the clip you’ll know exactly what you get for $30 US.

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