Joel Sartore’s “Fundamentals of Photography” Now On Sale

In a recent post I described Joel Sartore’s Fundamentals of Photography course, one of The Great Courses.  In it I provided a link to the main Great Courses website description of the course.

Today in the snail mail I received a catalogue from The Great Courses announcing a sale of many of their most popular courses.  Amongst the sale items is Fundamentals of Photography (course number 7901); the sale order page can be found here.  The cost for the course is $34.95 if downloaded as digital video and $39.95 to get the DVDs (prices in US dollars).  The sale lasts until August 1, 2013.

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7 Responses to Joel Sartore’s “Fundamentals of Photography” Now On Sale

  1. Mark Wells says:

    Does that catalog have an issue #? I checked online and called and they are unaware of this series being on sale for that amount. I did find it, however, for $59.95 on line.
    Thank you


  2. Mark Wells says:

    Never mind. I went to their website and entered the course number as you suggested and it came up $34.95. I don’t know why I couldn’t “link” to it. Anyway, found it.

    Thanks a bunch!!


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