Request For Photos

If you are member of the Bridge Lake Photo Group, then I have a request or two.

2012 Bridge Lake Photo Exhibition

2012 Bridge Lake Photo Exhibition

Take a look at the website Home page, particularly the photo publicizing our annual Photo Exhibition.  Note the date on it: 2012!

I saw lots of members taking photos of the 2013 Photo Exhibition.  I need one of those photo for the Home page.  So, my request: please send me a photo which characterizes the Photo Exhibition.  It can be of the empty room with all the display boards waiting for the crowd, or of the crowd enjoying the displays.  Your choice.  Don’t hold back on this please.  I NEED THE PHOTOS.

Field of Lupine - © Rob Tillyer

Field of Lupine – © Rob Tillyer

Secondly, our present header was chosen to express our seasonal surroundings.  As Sue Wolfe has identified, the header is cropped from a Rob Tillyer photo.  Its subject matter can be seen immediately outside at this time of year.  Moreover, because of all the rainfall we’ve had, some flowers, such as Columbine, are showing in abnormal profusion.  Tiger lilies are now coming into flower and other wildflowers that we see in early Summer, such as ox-eye daisies, will soon make a mass appearance.  Thus my second request- for images which capture early to mid-Summer in  our area.  Any topic – kids leaping into a lake off a dock, Summer wildflowers, condensation running down a glass of beer, early haying – it’s up to you.  I want to start a new page featuring Summer images, so please help.

For an effective header image I need to be able to take a letterbox crop which is 940 x 198 pixels.  Only photos with their subject primarily confined to a relatively narrow horizontal strip lend themselves to becoming headers, as you can see from past headers.  But don’t worry about that restriction (you’d be surprised at what can be found in many images, as evidenced by Rob’s).

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