New Photographs Added to the BLPG Site

Well over thirty new photographs have been recently added to the BLPG website.

Great Blue Heron - © Bill Melnychuk

Great Blue Heron – © Bill Melnychuk

Bill Melnychuk has provided images of Canada geese and goslings, a Great Blue Heron (GBH in short), a brown Black Bear and a Bald eagle tucked in close to the trunk of an aspen, sheltering from a windstorm.

Curious Fawns - © Dinah Cunningham

Curious Fawns – © Dinah Cunningham

Dinah Cunningham has joined the Photographers Showcase with a potpourri of images of wildlife and flowers, all taken in her backyard.  One of the joys of living in the rural  Cariboo is the abundance of wildlife.

Stream Photo Combination - Skagit River Trail - © Rob Tillyer

Stream Photo Combination – Skagit River Trail – © Rob Tillyer

Rob Tillyer has given us a beautiful slow shutter speed image of a stream.  Cleverly, Rob has created the photograph by layering two shots.  As Robb remarked, one of the complications of long exposure stream shots is that ferns or other plants lining the edge, tend to move around in the breeze created by the stream and therefore appear blurred.  To overcome this challenge, Rob took a short exposure image in which the plants were caught sharply, and then his long exposure image to capture the magic of the stream’s flowing water.  He then layered the two images, masking off the greenery in the the slower exposure, letting the greenery from the quick shot show through.

Loon Family - © Diane Hopp

Loon Family – © Diane Hopp

Diane Hopp and Larry Citra both recently attended a bird photography workshop at Lac Le Jeune (just south of Kamloops, BC), and both have provided, on their respective Photographers Showcase pages, a collection of beautiful images of Loons, Virginia Rails and other birds.

Something Happening (HDR) - © Derek Chambers

Something Happening (HDR) – © Derek Chambers

Finally, as part of our current learning (one can never know enough about photography), we are watching a Great Courses video, Fundamentals of Photography, taught by Joel Sartore, a National Geographic professional photographer.  In the first lecture, Joel set some homework: take a photo of your favourite room in your house, and then take another photo of something happening in it.  I took advantage of the assignment to try some HDR.  You’ll find the results in my Photographers Showcase.

Enjoy all of our new additions.

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