Changes to the BLPG Website

We’ve done some refreshing of the main front page images on the Bridge Lake Photo Group website, so you might want to take a look.

The main header image has been changed to reflect the onset of Summer.   With all the rain we’ve been having, flowers are in short supply, but most plants are growing abundantly.  The header image is cropped from another image on the website.  Can you identify which image and who the photographer was? (At least one person is not allowed to supply the answer!).

We’ve also changed the other main image on the Home page.  Instead of Sue Wolfe’s magnificent peacock, we are now using an image created by Nigel Hemingway.  Taken at Chase Creek, on the outskirts of Chase, BC, Nigel has used a slow shutter speed to turn the water into an ethereal misty liquid that flows around beautifully variegated stream rocks.

So, take a look at the BLPG Home page and tell us what you think.

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2 Responses to Changes to the BLPG Website

  1. Sue Wolfe says:

    I’m guessing the main header was photographed by Bob Hillyer!


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