Did you check the website to see if there was a BLPG meeting last night?

If you were unsure whether there was a meeting last night, and checked the website to find out, you would have been disappointed.  No meeting was listed!

I haven’t been paying close attention to the Important Dates calendar on the website.  That’s because I’ve been busy.  And, anyway, the Important Dates are fed from a Google Calendar which I had already populated with the recurring meetings on the first and third Thursday of every month (as “Not Your Mother” Larry recently reminded us 🙂 ) on into the distant future.

So I was surprised to hear some people say that the website didn’t show that there was a meeting.  Today I went back and checked out why.  Who would imagine – when a Google Calendar contains a recurring event, ONLY the FIRST occurrence gets noted by WordPress!  So even though the dates were there, they weren’t being reported on the webpage.  These little wrinkles are so much fun to track down – NOT.

I’ve now fixed the problem by manually writing in the meeting dates from now until the end of September (only the next five events show up on the webpage).  And I’ve made a reminder to myself to keep ahead, by three months or so, of the dates of our regular meetings (the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month – did I mention that before?).

And, as if that’s not enough, I am setting up a regular Reminder email to go out the day before the meeting (don’t count on it though, because I might forget, or be away or, …).  If it’s the first or third Thursday of the month then there is a scheduled meeting (unless, that is, it’s been cancelled).

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1 Response to Did you check the website to see if there was a BLPG meeting last night?

  1. Jane Murray says:

    Hi Derek,

    Could you please add me to the Google Calendar phrjane@gmail.com. Thanks.

    Jane J


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