Opportunity To Display Your Photographs

Here’s an opportunity for you to display some of your framed photographs for the public to see, and if interested, to purchase their favourite(s).

Glenn McBride was approached by Dr. Christie Kronyk, a chiropractor with offices in 100 Mile House and Williams Lake (the latter is a new office opening May 25).  Christie has visited our web site and liked what she saw.  As a supporter of the arts, Christie would like to offer wall space in her two office locations for members of the Bridge Lake Photo Group to display their work.  Not only would Dr Kronyk get a selection of attractive photographs to enhance the decor of her offices, but BLPG members would hang their photographs in publicly visible locations and, should any of Dr Kronyk’s clients want to purchase one of the photographs, they could get in touch with the photographer.

Although Dr Kronyk would have final say as to what photographs would be suitable, in discussions with Christie she said she was pretty well wide open as to subject matter.  While it would be nice to have Cariboo related landscapes or nature, she has also admired some of Larry’s African photos, and said that any of the web site photos she saw would be fine.

In the Williams Lake office there are four treatment rooms and a long hallway.  Dr Kronyk thinks that there is plenty of room for six to twelve framed photographs.  In addition, some of the wall space is large, so bigger photographs can be accommodated.

The 100 Mile House office is smaller, but still could provide space for six or so framed photographs.

Although the Williams Lake office is due to open on May 25, there is no pressure to have everything ready by then; nevertheless, sooner is better than later.

There will be a need for one or two BPLG members to visit both offices in order to get a complete understanding of what can be done.

Whatever photographs are hung, the photographer does not have to sell them if an offer is made; however, it would be good to provide a card for each framed piece indicating whether it is for sale or not and photographer contact information.  At this point it is an open point as to how long each photograph will be displayed.  No doubt Dr Kronyk will want some turnover so as to keep the office decor refreshing.  But the time frame is likely to be long.

Let’s discuss the whole matter at the BPLG meeting on Thursday, May 16, and go from there.

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