Sue Wolfe, Dennis McCoy and Diane Hopp Join Photographers Showcase

We welcome three Bridge Lake Photo Group members as the newest contributors to our Photographers Showcase.  Each now has their own page of images, to which we expect more will be added in the future.

Amongst many other interesting facts about Sue is that she collects marbles (cue many jokes about Sue finding marbles inadvertently lost by others)  of which she has shared some images with us, as well as an image of a beautiful colourful male peacock in full display.

Dennis, a long time BLPG member, has captured not only a “construction” (one of the collective nouns for a group of cranes) of sandhill cranes and a grouse trying to focus its tiny mind on in which direction to cross the road, but also gives us a portrait of the sweetest face you’ll see in a long while.

Diane’s winter images have already appeared on the site under the Winter Theme, but now some additional photos.

New images have also been added to Bill Melnychuk’s page, including a fascinating sequence following the progress of a beautiful red fox as it moves towards the camera.

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