Want Some Inspiration?

We’re all trying to improve our photographic abilities, whether they be technical or artistic.

Often one can learn a great deal from studying beautiful images made by others.  If nothing else, an image which has great appeal to me raises the question, “How dey do dat?”

Trying to answer often reveals areas where my knowledge is incomplete.  For example, if I see a beautiful sunset or sunrise image that contains sun, colourful clouds and beautiful landscape, all perfectly balanced, then I want to figure out what exposure was used, whether multiple images were taken and later blended, what sort of Depth-of-Field was sought, how was it achieved, and so forth.  If from answering these many questions I can build up a checklist to follow when I encounter a similar scene (and especially if the list is kept on a smartphone that I’m carrying!), then I will have taken a step forward.

With that in mind, here’s a great selection of beautiful images from many different photographers (as selected by Matt Kloskowski).

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