Top 10 Signs You Are Obsessed With Photography

10. You can actually tell what kind of camera someone is using from over 30 feet away.

9. You have tried to claim “Photoshop” as a medical expense because it’s good therapy.

8. When planning a vacation, your main concern is finding a hotel that offers wifi so you’ll be able to upload your photos to the web, daily.

7. You own more than one camera bag even though you only have one camera.

6. You refer to cleaning up after dinner as “post-processing the kitchen.”

5. You can’t remember the date of your best friend’s birthday, but you know all the specs of your camera and lenses by heart.

4. When attending a wedding, you are more interested in what the photographer is doing than what the bride and groom are doing.

3. When you see a photo of a model, you find yourself more interested in what lighting was used and how much processing may have been done.

2. You understand that 22 is actually smaller than 5.6

1. When gazing upon a beautiful landscape you think to yourself, “That’s lovely, but it could use just a bit more saturation!”

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