New Processing Invitation – From Another Site

Rob Tillyer sent me a fascinating link.

If you follow the link, you’ll find “How Would You Edit This Landscape Photo?” and a Dropbox link enabling you to download a high resolution copy of the photo.  The submitter has invited others to edit the photo, and to post the result, with a short description of what processing they did (sound familiar?).

Looking at what others have done is very instructive!

Here’s the original photo:


As the photographer says, it is not a very inspiring photo (although using Camera Raw in Photoshop reveals that there are lots of good details in the sky and varied surfaces).  But if you look at what people have done through processing, you’ll soon be convinced that, with a little work, the most bland photo can often be turned into something of which to be proud.

And that should be a motivation to keep learning more and more about the full capabilities of the photo processing software you currently use!

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