We’ve Added Some New Things!

Lots of new stuff has been added to the website recently.  Here’s a quick list:

  1. New header image, cropped from one of Nigel Hemingway’s photos.  See his Photographers Showcase page to view the neat original image;
  2. There’s a new image on the Home page, by Bill Melnychuk.  “Snow Bond” uses a road to lead the eye deep into the image;
  3. A new Featured Photo,  “Winter Park” by Linda Figner, with comments by Larry;
  4. A new page has been setup to showcase submissions to our Still Life theme;
  5. Some wonderful early submissions, from Doerte Pavlik, for the Still Life theme.  First is “Adventure Calls”.  Second, is a series of three images, “The Natural Progression”.  Be sure to click on each image to marvel at its full detail.
  6. A new opportunity to try out your digital processing skills!  Go to the Members Area.  Second on the subpage list is a new page entitled “Image Processing – Your Way”.  Read all about the activity, check out the two images, and submit a completed form so we can send you the link to a high resolution version of your chosen image.  Then play to your heart’s content!  Important note: DO ask to download one of the images, even if you don’t plan on sending a processed image back – it’s a good opportunity to practice your skills with the image processing software you use.
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