New Tag Line Contest

When I set up the website, I had to come up with a tag line (“Photographing the world one image at a time …”).  It is displayed in smaller print at the top of the Home page.  Note: I had also thought of “We see the world differently…”  but that’s too close to Red Lobster’s “We sea the world differently”!

BLPG members  are invited to suggest a new tag line. Enter by making your suggestion as a Comment on this page.

Time Limit Extended. The time limit for entries is February 7, 2013  March 7, 2013 at 4 PM.  At the BPLG meeting that evening, we will discuss the entries and choose one to use.

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18 Responses to New Tag Line Contest

  1. ANL says:

    Actually, I think the existing tag line is pretty good. But if not, how about “The World As We See It”, or “The World Through Our Lens” ?


  2. Although I prefer a tagline we think of ourselves, others often use germane quotes. Here’s one from Ansel Adams: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”


  3. I also like the orginal tagline. Here’s my suggestion:
    Sharing Our Photographic Images and Ideas


  4. With a nod to those who like the current tagline, how about a small alteration? Here’s a few potential ones:
    “Capturing our world one image at a time”
    “Discovering our world one image at a time”
    “Exposing our world one image at a time”
    “Presenting our world one image at a time”
    “Revealing our world one image at a time”
    “Seeing our world one image at a time”


  5. Rob Tillyer says:

    I like your suggestions Derek except for the “one image at a time part” .As our site reveals we all like sharing many different sides of ourselves. The “one image” reminds me more of wet plate photography than modern digital.


  6. “Our world – as seen by many eyes” or “Our world – captured by many cameras”


  7. Let me make one final entry which draws together some of the comments. It’s a multiple choice so you have to select the best word/phrase from the two parts: “We capture/discover/expose/photograph/present/reveal/see the world” is the first part; “one image at a time/through many eyes/through many lenses” is the second part. I’m done!


  8. Oops, not quite done. I also like Brenda’s suggestion, but would shorten it to “Sharing our images and ideas”


  9. Sue Wolfe says:

    I like the original one, because one can only view one image at a time to really study and appreciate it fully. Many images at a time seems a little overwhelming. I personally would like to concentrate on seeing the world one image at a time.


  10. phrjane says:

    How about “Through our eyes to yours”


  11. ANL says:

    The original tag line is simple, clear, and unpretentious.


  12. Linda Figner says:

    Photographing the world one “click” at a time…


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