Comparisons by Rob Sheppard

Excellent posting by Rob Sheppard!  Thanks to Larry Citra for this.  Here’s what Larry had to say about it:

Hi everyone,
I just received this article in an email from Rob Sheppard (we started watching his video on Landscape Photography at the last meeting). The article is titled ‘Comparisons’ and I would really encourage you to take the time to give it a read. In his article he covers some of the things we were discussing at the last meeting about judging our work (our art) by comparing it, maybe too much, to others and how our work is an expression of our inner selves.

Here’s the link to the article:

Comparisons by Rob Sheppard

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1 Response to Comparisons by Rob Sheppard

  1. Sharon Jensen says:

    Thank you for sharing the article, “Comparisons,” by Rob Sheppard. I have printed it so I can review it from time to time. it is an article that really makes a person sit and do some careful thinking. Sounds like Brene Brown’s book would be a good read as well.,

    Belonging to a photo club where it is all about winning points suits anyone who has a ton of confidence and thrives on competition. One of my family members belonged to a photo club in the city where we used to live. He loved the club. I never joined because it would be too crushing to have my images torn to shreds by a judge. It seemed to me that winning points was more important than the creative effort behind taking the picture. I think constructive critiquing is invaluable and I welcome those sorts of helpful comments.

    I love the Bridge Lake Photo Group. There is always friendly help and encouragement. Good, sound advice is given on how an image might be improved. All this helps our members to flourish. Photo clubs can keep their points. Personally, I think following the “rules” too steadfastly can be stifling to creativity. Rules are important to know, but knowing how and when to break them may be just as important.


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