Meeting Recap for February 7th, 2013

We had a fine turnout for the February 7th meeting with 25 members attending. We had a few new people at the meeting as well so welcome Tilley and Mike Harding and Coreen Granger. Tilley and Mike joined a while back but we’re unable to attend until now. Hope we’ll see more of you in the future and thanks for coming. ? Coreen who is thinking of joining is the niece of Sue and Curtis Wolfe. Thanks for coming Coreen, hope you found the meeting interesting.

After we made a few introductions of the new guests and bugged some members who hadn’t been seen for a while, Brenda updated us as to the status of the Photo Exhibition which she has well under control as usual. Brenda showed us the really nice advertising posters that Rob had made up. Very nice job Rob, and thank you very much for doing that.

2013 Poster

Brenda says we have 10 people committed to doing slide shows this year. The slide show portion is always a hit with the crowd. For more details on slide show presentations please refer to our website at:  then navigate to Members Area > Meeting Reports > Newsletter, January 17th 2013 to see Brenda’s Guidelines.

As some of you know, we will have a large screen TV set up at the exhibition showing a continuous slide show of images from our group. Rob is in charge of this so if you want to have a few of your favorite images (max 5) included in the TV slide show please let Rob know and get your images to him before March 5th. See below for guidelines:

Hey everybody,

While you’re getting pictures for the website, your display board, and possibly a slideshow, maybe think about the TV display that we had at the Exhibition last year. Even if you are not putting anything else in the Exhibition or on the website, don’t miss out on this opportunity as it proved quite popular last year. Five images per person – please choose for yourself. If you send more, I’ll only use the first five and throw the rest away. These can be any shots you want whether you are using them elsewhere or not, just as long as you really like them.

 It’s a HD TV so the quality has to be the best you can make it. I will put the name of the photographer below each shot, so please leave any name or other info off the pictures. To look their best, images have to be at least 1080 pixels high, but don’t worry about downsizing, I can do that. Horizontal or vertical, any type of photography.

 You can email the pictures to me or give them to me at a meeting. March 7 will be the absolute deadline but the sooner I can get started the better.

 Rob Tillyer

We talked about the ins and outs of display boards and  I believe we ‘coerced’  a few more members into signing up for a display board.

Derek then said a few words about our new website. The website has had around 6,500 hits since its opening a couple of months ago.  Derek says we still need more images from members, so let’s make an effort to get some of your favorites on the site. You can email Derek at  .  Derek mentioned the ‘Tag Line Contest’ which is posted on the site under Recent Posts on the right hand side bar just under our logo.  We have also put up a new header image for this month by Chub Neufeld of a stunning sunset and a new inset image on the same page. The new inset image is Barkerville Church by Doerte Pavlic. We also have a very interesting new feature image by Nigel Hemingway entitled “Stove” with some comments by yours truly as to my thought on the image. We invite you to write a few comments on this or any other image on the site:

Chub Neufeld brought in a beautiful framed drawing of his dog ‘Sassy’  by Tilley Harding and the original image she had worked from. What a lovely picture.


To round off the meeting we viewed a portion of a video by Rob Sheppard on landscape  photography which turned out be very interesting. We will continue with this video at the February 21st Meeting.

By the way, if you need any printing done for the Photo Exhibition you could contact:


Other sources for printing would be A&B in 100 Mile House and Costco in Kamloops.

If you are going to use the Kamloops Camera House make sure he knows what it’s for and that you need it by a certain date (I’d fudge that a little to make sure you get it on time). You could mention that I sent you. Barry is a pro and I’m sure he would do a good job.

(same goes for A&B Photo in 100 Mile House)

Well I can’t think of anything else at the moment (of course I will as soon as I press send) so,

Thank you all for your participation!

Cheers and Happy Shooting,


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